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How to charge higher prices… so you can make more money with happier, easier-to-work-with customers

What if you could

Make more money with less work?

Hey I know it’s kinda weird getting a message and clicking through to find a page like this. But I’ve experienced first hand how much it sucks to watch your hard-earned dollars go down the drain, especially on investments that were supposed to 2x or 3x your revenue.


Years Experience

Stop me if this sounds familiar…

You have picky, diva customers who are a nightmare to work with….(the kind that make you groan when you see their name on caller ID)

You deal with frustrating tire kickers who come into your business looking for a cheap deal and cause obnoxious, expensive delays in your process that suck profits dry

You find yourself saying, “Man, I wish we could charge more,” but if you raise your prices, customers will go to your competition down the street

You’re trapped at a growth ceiling and you don’t know how to break through without overworking yourself or your team or having to hire more employees

If that’s you, then keep reading. 

I want to show you how to go from that 👆…


Easygoing Customers

Working with who are more than happy to pay premium prices and don't ask for big discounts.

Attracting New Customers

Attracting new customers who are looking for real quality…not trying to score a cheap deal.

Making More Money

Making more money without working more hours (and having happier employees too).

Want These Results on Your Business?

How we raised prices 18%, attracted better clients,

And expanded our premium services to 5 states

My name is Drake Nightenhelser, and for the last 7 years, I’ve been obsessed with helping local businesses serve higher end customers who pay more, stay longer, and refer their friends.

After personally closing more than $2.5M in revenue for clients and taking thousands of sales calls…

…I’ve discovered that there are certain things that successful businesses do to charge premium prices without sacrificing customers.

See, I think that you deserve clients who you actually want to hang out with. The kind you actually like.

And the kind who pay REALLY well.

When I came on board a local vehicle wrap shop company, I immediately noticed how much we were sacrificing on our pricing in order to get customers.


Years Experience


Revenue For Clients

Even though the business was doing Around $1.2M in revenue…

Our profit margin was only about 10%. 

The business had a bad habit of giving out discounts and taking on totally random jobs just to get the sale.

One customer would want racing stripes on their Corvette…and another would want us to do a wrap job for a wall mural…

And we would say yes to anything because money is money, right?

But what we didn’t realize is these wildly disparate jobs kept us from getting really, really good at one area that we could charge premium prices for.

Plus, these customers were the worst to work with…

They were uptight divas who nitpicked every detail, paid poorly, and never referred anyone.

One time, we took a custom project

just to make a sale and estimated a 2 week turnaround.

After 2 painfully long months, hours of employee overtime, and a big fat LOSS on the balance sheet…I started to question the way we were doing things.

Why were we selling so many different services?

Why were difficult clients attracted to us?

Why were we losing money on these jobs?


Why were we selling so many different services?


Why were difficult clients attracted to us?


Why were we losing money on these jobs?

I knew that if I could uncover which jobs were making us the most money and focus on those…we could boost our profits without doing any additional marketing.

The 3 steps I took to win

higher-paying jobs

with better clients & raise our profit margin by 450%

Looking back, there was a clear process I followed to get us from 10% profit margin to a 45% profit margin (an increase of 4.5x)

Here’s exactly what I did:

The 3 steps

1: Started charging full price

Started charging full price on every project unless we were getting something in exchange for offering a discount.

When I took over the sales department, the previous sales manager took me aside, showed me the pricing sheet…and told me that he never actually offered these prices.

In fact, he was in the habit of constantly handing out 30-40% discounts. He didn’t think people would pay the stated rate, so he would lowball customers all the time.

I didn’t buy it.

I started holding firm on pricing…and clients still said yes.

That one simple change increased revenue per sale by 18%.

The 3 steps

2: Eliminated bad services

Then, we uncovered what services were attracting the majority of the difficult customers and eliminated them.

When we phased out these services, we noticed something strange.

As it turns out, those services brought in less than 20% of our revenue…but were causing 80% of our headaches and problems.

When we eliminated these services, everything got better.

The 3 steps

3: Focus on the best revenue

This created space for us to actually have time to look at where our best revenue was coming from.

We quickly realized that the people who wanted commercial vehicle wraps were the easiest to work with. Once we got rid of the loud, obnoxious clients…it was a lot easier to see which clients were low-maintenance and paid the most.

Plus, we soon saw that the longer we worked with these clients…the more money we made per project.

This started a positive

Flywheel effect.

Suddenly, after getting rid of problem customers, we had more resources to pour into attracting GOOD customers. And as we started bringing in more good customers, we began to see what they really wanted to buy.

That allowed us to focus on becoming extraordinarily good at one focused area.

We soon found ourselves swapping out all those annoying, $500 projects for more customers who were excited to pay $5,000+ for quality.

This gave us the bandwidth to expand.

We went from a single local market…

To a national brand.

We went from being stuck in a single local market…to a national brand with a presence in 5 states with customers from other states asking us to expand further.


Recurring Revenue Increased

Recurring revenue increased from 32% to 73% (which meant we were no longer starting every month over at $0!).


14.5% More

Top line revenue increased by 14.5%.


450% Increase

Profit margins went from around 10% to 45% 

We did it WITHOUT...

Hiring an expensive new marketing company

Launching a

new product


our team

What we DID do was make strategic shifts to...

Who we

worked with

What we

sold them

The quality of work we did & the experience we delivered

Want to see changes like this in your business?

Now, obviously, we didn’t make these changes overnight.

We made a lot of mistakes along the way as we learned what worked and what didn’t.

It took about 3.5 years to go from a 10% profit margin to a 45% profit margin.

But it doesn’t have to.

Most businesses could see these kinds of changes in a 12 to 24 month period.

Not a sales call...

But, every business is unique with different needs. You may be wondering if something like this can work for you.

If so, book a complimentary, no-obligation assessment below to talk about what your business needs.

This isn’t a sales call, and if you’d like to consider working together, we would schedule a separate call to discuss that.

Schedule a chat and

Let’s talk about your business

Drake has demystified what I need to lead with to land my best clients. He has helped me come up with strategies that make me stand out from my competition. Having someone review your daily business processes was a game changer for me.

Omolara Dare
Founder at FinnWhiz

Is this right for

Your business?

In order for this to make sense for you, here’s what needs to be true:


Service based business

You’re a service based business that’s stable but hungry for growth 


Quality is important

You want to be positioned as a premium service provider that charges for high quality


4.0+ rating on Google

You take pride in creating a phenomenal customer experience and have at least a 4.0+ rating on Google


Leads coming in every week

You already have a stream of inbound leads coming in every week

This is NOT for you if:


Product based business

You are a product based business
(Not sure? Book a call to chat)


Grow market share

You only want to grow market share at all costs


Don't like sharing

You aren’t interested in passing on some of the benefits of increased profits to your team


Don’t have a bookkeeper

You don’t have a bookkeeper or visibility on your financial performance to be able to track results

Drake has a unique ability to quickly understand any situation by asking very smart questions. Then he can help to unpack it and come up with the next actionable steps within 1-2 hours. He is the night vision that you need to make it through the darkness of growing a business.

Leeza Kulimanova

Founder at Gym Scale

There are people in your local market

Who want to pay top dollar what you have to offer

Right now, I guarantee you there are people in your local market who want and need what you have to offer…

And they’re willing to pay top-dollar for the high quality you provide.

Do you want to be positioned as the premium-priced service provider and be getting your fair share of high-paying customers?

Or do you want to continue putting up with sub-par buyers who cause headaches and don’t come back again (or that you wish wouldn’t)?

If you’re ready to raise your prices and be the premiere service provider in your industry…

Then let’s schedule a no-obligation assessment to see if I can help.

Curious about

How I work with clients?

Introducing The Profit Collective:

Where we empower strategic shifts to make attracting and closing high-value clients a breeze.

A monthly mastermind program

For local service-based business owners

The Profit Collective is a monthly mastermind program for local service-based business owners who want to maximize the premium-priced option to serve the top 16% of their market.

This membership is focused on implementing, no-nonsense, practical strategies that drive more revenue with less effort.

Membership options start at $499/month and include minimal coursework and recorded training with a focus on live group calls and 1:1 support.

It comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee so that if you join and discover it’s just not what you want to do…you can request a refund. Plus, you can cancel your membership at any time.

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The founder of the Profit Collective

About Drake

Drake Nightenhelser is a speaker, an author, a small business consultant, and the founder of the Profit Collective. After taking thousands of sales calls, personally closing hundreds of deals worth over $2.5M and working closely with dozens of business owners, he began to see patterns that were interrupting profit potential.

After helping a vehicle wrap company expand into 5 states from their single location while boosting profits 20%+, he knew there was more for small business owners than a life of 80+ hour workweeks with little pay.

Now, he helps local serviced based businesses overcome the eroding effects of inflation with smart strategies that routinely produce 20% increases in profit margins and higher confidence for business owners in their ability to grow.

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